Do you Travel?

I am happy to travel wherever you need me, I just require a little something for fuel, $80/hrs travelled outside of the area, anything within 30mins of Tamworth will not incur this travel charge.

What's your turn around time?

My turn around time is 3-4 weeks for Lifestyle sessions and 6-8 weeks for weddings

How far out do you book?

My books are open 12/18 months in advance. Sessions can be booked through my website or via enquiry form.

Weddings can be booked via email of enquiry form.

What should we wear?

My go to saying is wear something you would be happy to stare at on your walls for years to come.

A few things to avoid would be, large logos, clashing of patterns and colours (try to be in complementary tones) and uncomfortable footwear (please wears shoes suitable for the location)

Do you have Set Locations?

I have a handful of locations or if you have a location in mind I'm also happy to meet you there (within reason)

Would you do wedding photography?

I surly do all things wedding can be found under info.

Do have a client wardrobe?

I do and any of my lovely clients are welcome to it. The wardrobe can be found in my instagram highlights or here on my website under info.

What edits do you do on your images?

I do minimal edits, I will straighten and occasionally crop images, however, any images that are cropped dramatically will be a duplicate to an uncropped image that will also be included in your selection gallery, I will also edit colours to my style and remove any large blemishes, flies, rubbish, bruises and marks on clothing that are a result from our session.