Raw and Real

Candid, authentic, you

Want to know what you're in for if you book with me? think of me as a third wheel (or forth, or fifth, you get the idea) I know how uncomfortable being in front of a camera can be, its one of the most unnatural feelings having a big old camera in your face. That's where I come in.

I take a "lets just hang out" approach, I don't believe in forcing an image, I believe in capturing a moment, I quite literally buzz around like a blowfly, while you and your loved ones do your thing (with a few prompts)

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The Woods

We had the most amazing experience, from the very first meeting. Lucinda is fun, outgoing, understanding and her work is absolutely beautiful.
Lucinda we can’t Thankyou enough for all our beautiful photos. I love every one of them. You are truly a very special person with a special talent. ❤️

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